Wine tastings

Now we kick off the tastings
We always choose wine with care, from smaller vineyards that may not have such a large production but an exciting one. In each tasting there will be one or more bottles that are a little more rare or just hard to get.


Choose between

”Nature wine tasting”

What is natural wine and what is the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural?
Must natural wine be “funky” and weird? No! Come and learn all about these concepts and drink crazy good wines at the same time.


”Find the language-tasting” / ”Red wine tasting”

Learn all about acid, tannin and body! What is what and how do you know what it is like?
We will guide you and learn all the necessities of this jungle.


”Unknown grapes”

Tired of Zinfandel ?! Good!
Come and try some new underrated heroes you did not know existed!


A selection of cheese and charcuterie are served with the tastings.
There is also the possibility to book

Dinner + tasting
Dinner 595 + (price) tasting

For approx. 60 minutes, we then go through the concepts, the styles and production methods.

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If you are eight or more people, we can tailor a private tasting for you.
Send a request to

Karlbergsvägen 14 113 27 Stockholm