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Grus Grus Vinbar Team

Welcome to Grus Grus!

Come in and just hang out, totally indulge in wine, go after work with your friends, bring the whole family or knock a place in the evening wine tasting!

No matter what you feel about making or drinking, we want you to feel at home! We work with crafts and food that follows the seasons in a relaxed atmosphere where everything can happen, you are setting limits. Drink wines on obscure grapes from unknown areas throughout the evening or order in a really classic bottle, what they all will have in common is that they are done by hand, with passion and respect for nature.

Kitchen master Louise Phalen and her gang cooks really yummy foods focusing on raw materials in season. The menu includes snacks, smaller to bigger dishes to share, all matched with wines selected by sommelier Patricia Dominguez. There is also cheese, chark and a blackboard that changes daily.

12 Seats for bookings and about 20 for drop in.

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Grusgrus participates in the Star Wine List, which guides to the best wine bars and wine restaurants - read more about it here.